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For your safety , we review each bike after every rental to ensure perfect working order. Each bike is equipped with lighting, alarm tone , and comes with a large section burglar . Finally, we will give you a map of bike rides in the Quiberon Peninsula.

Adult Bikes

Adult bicycle

The setting: the primordial element is easily mounted on the bike , that’s why you’ll find bikes with frames lowered . The handlebars : it must be sufficiently identified to allow a natural posture . Consider making the fitting of a basket .
City Bikes Female or Male
6-7 speeds
Wheel 650 ( stable ) or 700 to choose from
adaptable cart

VTC ( Mountain Bike Trail )

This is the bike for rides on weekends or for mixed use city campaign. Comfort and safety are at the forefront . A higher than a mountain bike frame, larger wheels for greater development , all to make the ride more comfortable . The VTC is also comfortable on the paths on the asphalt , ideal for Quiberon.
Mountain Bike Path Woman or Man
21 speed
Wheel 700 (+ mobile)
Steel frame or aluminum to choose

Mountain biking

It is not for rent on his good looks . It is made for hiking , walking or competition in any terrain.Il is recommended for sports use . The ATV will take you anywhere , including in unexpected places where it may need to carry your bike over obstacles .
Mountain Bike Land Man or Woman
21 or 27 speed
Wheel 26 ”
Telescopic fork as possible

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Electrics Bikes

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Children bikes

Height : what matters is that once seated, your child can always keep your feet in contact with the ground. The brakes : they must be flexible for your child to have the strength to actuate

VTT 12″ : 2-4 years old
VTT 14″ : 3-5 years old
VTT 16″ : 4-7 years old
VTT 20″ or VTC 20″ : 6-9 years old
VTT 24″ or VTC 24″ : 9-12 years old

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Cycling fun for two, mixed tandem for adults, or adding a follower bike ( half- bike) on an adult bicycle, for the youngest . Children pedal when he wants. Sizes with height adjustment of saddle and handlebar tilt.

Tandem for man and woman
Reinforced wheel 700
Double brake system
Tandem child arm reported cycling

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Elite and triporteur

Single Wheel and Gyroscope Boards



Trailers children capable of carrying 1 or 2 children , are ideal for walking with family safely.
Bike trailers1 or 2 children
following model
Maximum weight (s) 1 (2) child (s ): 50 Kg
Removable cockpit