Quiberon is 28 km south of Auray and 507 km west of Paris. The town is located at the southern tip of the peninsula. It covers 883 ha. It borders of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon north. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.
The city has ten beaches: the beach, Goviro of the beach, the beach Conguel, the Mare Beach, Beach Airfield, Fort Nine of the beach, the beach Porigo, beach Kermorvan the Castero the beach and the beach of Saint Julien.
On the west coast of the peninsula, the Wild Coast is property of the Coastal Conservancy. They include: carnations, purple heather, gorse, thrift, etc. The area can be visited by car, on foot, bikes, sea kayaking or horseback. To discover the Wild Coast starting from Chateau Turpault, take the coastal road dotted with numerous parking areas. North of the city, there are industrial and commercial areas, gathering plants (La belle-Iloise the Niniches …) and food or retail stores.
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Find our bikes in your holidays place :

  • Sofitel Thalassa Sea & Spa
  • Hotel des 2 Mers
  • Tennis & Mini Golf du Bois d’Amour
  • Camping Park Er Lann
  • Aérodrome L’Hélice Bleue
  • Gare de SNCF de Plouharnel

Our tips to eat tasty:

  • Le Bateau Ivre à Portivy
  • Crèperie Nitra Hemb Poen
  • Restaurant spécialités de fruits de mer Le Triskell
  • Restaurant Les Galets du Port
  • Restaurant L’Huitrière
  • Restaurant Les Vergers de la Mer, Cuisine Gastronomique
  • Restaurant Au Bon Accueil

Sleep well at the Ocean :

  • Hôtel Résidence La Petite Sirène

Gourmet tours :

  • La Quiberonnaise
  • Maison Lucas
  • La Cour d’Orgères